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  1. J

    Solar Guitar™ prototype

    Hello, I am building Solar Guitar™ prototype, an eco-friendly, self-sustained musical instrument solely powered by the Sun. 10-15 watt, 2 speaker guitar amplifier with preamp/reverb/chorus/delay/overdrive will be installed into the guitar’s body. Looking for a creative specialist to build this...
  2. D

    Simple 555 timer with delay after trigger release

    Hello. I am new to this chat, so I hope this is the right forum to post to. I have the idea to use a 555 to build a small triggered timer with an 'after release' delay. I have been google-ing but can not find the right schematic/design that looks to work for me, so I will try this forum :)...
  3. A

    Inverter delay(gaussian pdf)

    I m trying to simulate an inverter using LTSpice..I m using 32nm PTM technology..I want the delay to be a gaussian PDF..May i know whats wrong with the .asc file attached below.
  4. A

    Delay evaluation using MC simulations

    Goal is to 1.Input a gaussian pdf for inverter circuit with model file threshold voltage as mean and with certain variation value using LTSpice. 2. Perform MC simulations. 3.Output delay as a gaussian pdf.. How do i perform these steps?
  5. A

    Cmos inverter delay calculation using analytical model

    From alpha power law,analytical delay model for CMOS inverter is given by DELAY directly proportional to VDD/(VDD-VTh)^alpha Using this equation how do i calculate the delay for inverter and what should be the proportionality constant..i have extracted Vthn=0.6...
  6. A


    I have simulated the inverter using LTSPICE...I m using this tool for the first time...I want to 1. measure the inverter delay 2. plot delay vs supply voltage May i know the procedure to perform these two steps..
  7. Greital

    Maximum delay can be implemented by timers

    hi, I'm kinda new to 8051 and have a problems with it :( Q: assuming 8051 is connected to a 6Mhz crystal, what is the maximum delay that can be implemented by a single timer using mode 1 ? what I've tried is the following: 1. finding the freq = 6/12 Mhz 2. finding the cycle of time =...
  8. D

    12v led turnsignals

    Hello, I searched around the forum, and didn't find anything that would help me with a project that I have going on. I purchased some LED strips that I am going to install on my car. The issue is that they are dual color, white and amber. The white is a running light, and then the amber is the...

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