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  1. J

    Paralleling Buck Modules?

    Hi This TI note says we can parallel the LM2587. http://www.ti.com/lit/an/snva552/snva552.pdf Is it safe and functional to parallel these off-the-shelf buck modules? LM2596: https://www.ebay.com/itm/312344302763 https://www.monolithicpower.com/pub/media/document/MP1584_r1.0.pdf MP1584...
  2. B

    Power supply design in automotive for 12V and 48V battery system

    Hello all , I wish to design a switch mode power supply , dc-dc buck-boost converter, ('with Vin - from 12V to 48V ) and Vout from 2V to 20V with Iout - upto 6A, There are many IC's available from Ltspice and Texas Instruments. I have design the block diagram , but I am not sure what should be...
  3. B

    Ltspice 8390 for Automotive Application

    Hello all, I am currently working on a project where, I have to measure the voltage and current at the load connected to (ECU) Electronic control unit in a truck. The battery Voltage Vin (12V- 48V) has to be varied . The input from the battery will be given to Switch mode DC\DC regulator IC...
  4. H

    simple DC-DC converter in PSIM

    Hi, I have configured simple dc-dc step-up converter using smart control. after every thing is configured i select to export the regulator way to “s-domain Co-efficient”. when it is successfully exported we can see two summations and controller transfer function block. my question is why the...
  5. riccardo

    AC-DC PSU 15V, 2A - Where to buy a compact module?

    Hi, Does anyone know of something to convert 240V mains to 15V DC at upto 2A? I want it to be as compact as possible. I've been looking for PCB mounted modules but the price and size of them seems ridiculous. For example; Farnell sell a VTX-214-030-115 for £20. You can buy a whole bench PSU...

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