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Ltspice 8390 for Automotive Application

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Hello all,

I am currently working on a project where, I have to measure the voltage and current at the load connected to (ECU) Electronic control unit in a truck.

The battery Voltage Vin (12V- 48V) has to be varied . The input from the battery will be given to Switch mode DC\DC regulator IC (which I have to choose, whose input and output voltage range is well within the range of 4V-50V. And it can measure the current or has current limit upto 12A. I have looked for many IC from TI and also from Ltspice (found a few for e.g Ltspice 8390).

The question is I too wish to use micro-controller to control the output voltage.

I am bit confused, as too what IC with sub components I use to design my project.


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LTspice is a simulation program from Linear Technology, not a part numbe.

You need to post a diagram of exactly what you are trying to do, to get a good answer about what you need.
Your description is too confusing to understand exactly what you have. ;)
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