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current shunt

  1. S

    my "precision" current measurement project design review/ check

    hello! I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my circuit for my second version of my "precision" current sensor, specifically the analog section. (TL/DR Last Paragraph). my first version, discussed Here, was a overall failure, although I did learn quite Abit from that so it wasn't a...
  2. vne147

    Why is Common Mode Voltage so Commonly Misunderstood?

    I’m hoping someone can help me answer a question I have regarding the INA196 current shunt monitor. The INA196 has a common mode voltage range of -16V to 80V. But in the datasheet linked above under absolute maximum ratings on page 4, the maximum voltage you can apply to either the V+ or V-...
  3. foxOnTheRun

    Shunt Amplifier/Monitor IC with negative Common Voltage

    I'm trying to read a current using a shunt resistor on the high side of a negative voltage. I found a lot of high side integrated current shunt ICs (ZTX 3 pins with current output are the best), but they all assume they are placed on the high side of a positive voltage rail, hence they have a...

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