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current limiting

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    L200 Linear PSU with adjustable output Voltage and Current

    Hi to all. A few days ago, I started thinking to build on my own, a linear power supply able to output 30V 10 A. I chose to use the L200 IC, because I've got some of them and I want to use some components recovered from old boards. I started making the schematic following the application note...
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    Question About Current Draw From Peltier Element

    I have a TEC1 - 12706. Specifications detail Imax at 6 amps. I would like to run five of these elements in parallel but my bench top supply can't supply the current needed ( I'd like about 5 amps each). I do however have a 600W power supply unit designed for PCs. The PSU has a single 12V rail...
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    Latest Video From RSD Academy: Current Limiting with a Linear Power Supply.

    I just posted my latest video on my linear power supply project. In it I spend a few minutes talking about the basics of current limiting. This video series is not about how to build the best power supply. It is about learning how components work together to make a useful circuit. When...

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