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  1. C

    tesla coil help , please!

    Hello I have been trying to build a tesla coil for awhile now. I cannot get a bulb to light up . I have gotton some crazy voltage readings tho. It only a 9 volt coil and this my first big project . getting really frustrated , just need a little help. Please anybody
  2. H

    Large area 13.56MHz RFID Reader

    Hello everyone I'm newbie to RFIDs and I would like make large area reader. I found antenna from the Taobao site. Which is 45x30cm coil antenna. But the problem Is I can't seem to find reader that can use that large antenna. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Here is the antenna link...
  3. J

    How to stick 2 pieces of plastic using heat?

    I would like to know how can I stick 2 pieces of plastic using some kind of hardware that produces heat. I have 3 components: 1 flat copper coil and 2 flat pieces of plastic (I have to decide the material). The question is how is it possible to join the 2 plastics using heat. I know there are...

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