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  1. R

    Need help with a ccfl inverter

    I recently got a little casio portable tv, but the lcd controller was fried. I noticed however that the backlight still worked, so I took it apart and found that it was a flourescent backlight. I wanted to use the inverter transformer for some cool projects, however I couldn't find out which...
  2. J

    Is there a procedure or general guide for replacing the CCFL tubes in backlights

    I have a wacom cintique 24HD, an expensive monitor i got fairly cheap in a scam of sorts, i was sold a dying monitor, the tubes are on their last legs, they only really reared their weakness once it got really cold, which took a while since we had unseasonably warm weather from since i bought...
  3. SGiard

    Help with a schematic

    Hi, This is the schematic of a ccfl driver I "reverse engineered" by looking at the board. I am pretty sure the schematic is correct. J2 represents the primary of the transformer. Can anybody help me figure out which pins of the primary correspond to which winding? Thanks

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