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battery charger

  1. L

    Help with charging 2 18650 in series

    Hi, this is a part of a project I am working at right now. I have a solar panel (12V/20W) and I want to use it to recharge 2 18650 batteries in series and these batteries will be simultaneously powering Arduino nano. My question is: Will the solar panel be able to keep these batteries charged...
  2. R

    Can I use a 18650 LiPo Battery to power a Wireless Gamepad ?

    Hello Everyone! I have a 5V chineese wireless gamepad (joypad) that runs on 3 AAA 1.5V batteries, and I want to convert it to power on a single 3.7 LiPo rechargeable battery. I got an idea which involves using a TP4056 charger module to charge the 3.7V LiPo battery using my 5V wall adapter...
  3. M

    Battery Consumption

    Hi guys, I am new here and still not an engineer and have not much knowledge in Battery / electricity but have a major project I am working on and would be very happy to get some answers.. I am trying to build a machine that is using a spin motor that work periodically in set times (650...
  4. L

    Finding Equivalent PMICs

    Hello Everyone, I am making a custom circuit board with many different parts(dc dc converters, chargers, battery management, battery protection, isolation, etc).... The product is to run on 18650 Li-ion battery cells, and if you are wondering why I don't use the ones with built in protections...
  5. A

    Can you help me with this power charger?

    I am on trip and now I am is small village where I can't buy anything soon. I need charging 4 AAA batteries. Battery have 750 mAh. I have this old charger from Germany. I have electricity 220 v. How many hours I need to charge to battery be full? Thank you in advance.
  6. O

    Battery Charging

    Hi! I've been working on a project and I need it to be portable. So I have two batteries of PKCELL LP785060 it's a 3.7V 2500mAh battery. I connected the two in series which gives me a 7.4V battery. My question is, can I use the adafruit powerboost 1000C to charge these batteries connected in...
  7. Henry Fisher

    Charge Smartphone Battery

    Hello Every One ! I Have Motorola Droid Turbo 1 Unfortunately The Charging Jack Got Broke I tried to Replace it But i was unable to so i wanna charge the internal battery of my SmartPhone Can anyone help me ?
  8. mading2018

    How many filters do I need for a battery charger?

    Hello again, I have some concerns about how many EMI-filters that I should use for my AC/DC charger? My charger is operating as a low-power charing (950 W). I have read in in different articles, that some charger have only one input filter, and in some other cases they also have a output...
  9. C

    Homemade Lithium ion battery bank questions

    Hello all, I'm new here. I'm seeking knowledge and advice about a Lithium ion battery bank that I made. I got these batteries from work out of a device that we replaced the batteries on. It is a somewhat proprietary battery as it is made specifically for this device and not open to the general...
  10. Gryphonn

    Using a 12 Volt Regulated Power Supply as a Battery Charger - Questions

    Hi folks I found this forum via a Google (is your friend0 search. I found some threads loosely related to my question, but nothing specific. Hopefully, some of you electrical/electronic aficionados may be able to assist. I have an old 'Transwest' brand Regulated Power Supply in good condition...
  11. P

    Buck converter not working as it should

    Hello everyone. I am doing a project in which I use a buck converter to convert high vtg to low vtg. Actually the input to the buck converter is from a solar panel which puts out 560 mA constant current and 34 V. And output is a 12V lead acid battery. The N- Channel mosfet is used at high side...

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