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am radio

  1. sr13579

    How to make an Oscillator for AM radio transmitter?

    I was looking for an 1MHz oscillator for AM radio transmitter circuit. But I couldn't find one with the 4 pin crystal quartz oscillator. How to make an oscillator by myself with basic electronics materials? Any Circuit or ideas?
  2. sr13579

    How to make an oscillator for AM Radio with Arduino?

    Is it possible to make an oscillator for AM radio with Arduino UNO R3? What should be the code? How am I supposed to make a full wave square wave oscillator with Arduino?
  3. patric44

    question about a radio circuit ?

    hello guys i recently made a SW radio using a TDA1083 radio ic using the circuit below and it works but ( not as expected ) i have been able to listen to SW brodcasts from china - greec - even egypt ! but the circuit has the folowing problems : 1- most of the stations are mixed together...

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