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555 - 4017

  1. E

    Can two N-Channel MOSFETs be connected in series to perform a "AND" function?

    Hello, I'm designing a circuit to ring a bell using a code set by the user. When powered the circuit steps through the code which is set via DIP switches to decide where a "ding" or a space should be within the code. Each "on" position within the code actuates a modified car relay which hits...
  2. teknofix

    Help Needed to Reset..CD 4017..?

    I am building a Melody Maker.. with NE555 andCD4017 to play 6 notes melody.. using the the first 6 outputs (0-5) and ignoring remaining 4 outputs. I need Melody to start from the first note corresponding output (o) from 4017 counting to the 6th note (output#5) then reset back to (o) When power...

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