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3d print

  1. jamesbulini

    What do you think about this 3D model of PCB?

    Thanks for everyone help me.;);););) Now my new project 3D model is done. I build it with my teacher, and this project takes me a month to do it. Hooo! Feel free to leave a comment. :angelic::angelic::angelic::angelic::angelic::angelic:
  2. E

    Building a DIY Launchpad From Scratch

    In this video I build my own diy launchpad from scratch. This project can also be referred to as a 64 button midi controller or Adafruit's untztrument sound board. I used Adafruit's tutorial for the wiring and software, and I used Tinkercad to design a case to print out on my Tronxy 3D printer...

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