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Paralleled LM317 Circuit Has Excellent Stability/Load Regulation

There are numerous published circuits that add one or more power transistors to the common and cheap LM317 1.5A linear regulator to increase the maximum output current.
The problem is that you then lose the internal current limiting and thermal...
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Very good analysis and solution. Although I might be inclined to consider a bypass device sharing the same heatsink, so that some thermal protection exists. and then add an inductor and Schmitt Inv Osc to convert it into a SMPS
Very interesting. I played with paralled linear regs in LTSpice, then in reality using 5xLM350s. But I was not setting the adjust pins after the ballasts as you have indicated. One day, I'll get around to playing some more, and trying to incorporate that method. I made a thread of my adventures over in the EEVBlog forum, that you may find of interest:-
Very knowledgeable article. Five stars for your effort.
This is good solid advice. LM317 has many people that have used them and loved them.Solidly designed and their reliability is legend. I'm one. It's nice to see new ideas on how to make more of this device. My little light uses one. Never had a LM317T fail. Nope. (Neither anything else). But that's beside the point.

Thanks Carl. Teach me more. Big like from me.

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