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Cheap ARM Starting Kit 2011-06-16

TiagoSilva;838453 said:
I always liked ARM processors too, but there is too much offer, and for someone starting off it gets more complicated than it should… There should be starting packs like the PIC32 starting pack that has an on board programmer/debugger at a great price.!
I agree, that it's still complicated to get started with, but ARM7 until recently was the lowest chip core in the family and there wasn't much reason for a beginner to use them and they were fairly hardcore for a hobbyist. Now that the Coretex-M3's are out and gaining ground, I fully expect it to get much simpler in the next year or so.

There are low cost development package/programmers out. There's an LPC one called the LPCXpresso for $30 and there a Luminary Micro dev board/programmer/debugger for $50. I do not have experience with either, but my understanding is that the LPCXpresso programmer is only compatible with the Code Red development environment, which makes its usefulness limited if you want to branch out.

NXP Semiconductors - Microcontrollers [LPCXpresso]
Digi-Key - 568-4947-ND (Manufacturer - OM11048)

Luminary Micro - LM3S811 Evaluation Kits
Digi-Key - 726-1129-ND (Manufacturer - EKT-LM3S811)
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