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Need to analyse this Power supply

Blog entry posted in 'Having trouble analyzing this power supply..', Feb 26, 2016.

Power Supply ckt.PNG capacitor 33 micro farad/400volts
if anyone can relate this thing to something...please let me know
  1. Willen
    You posted the question in 'blog entry' which is wrong place to ask question. Go to genaral forum and create New Thread.
    Willen, Mar 7, 2016
  2. Willen
    The 33uF capacitor works as a 96 ohms resistor because 33uF at 50Hz has 96 ohms of capacitive reactance. Voltage across the cap is just around 24V then I don't know why they use 400V cap and two 470k bleeder resistors. Last transistor section seems like a ripple filter.
    Willen, Mar 7, 2016
  3. mvs sarma
    i suppose it should give trapizoidal ave form.
    mvs sarma, Jun 2, 2016