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Another scope to my lab: kenwood cs-2150 150mhz/4

Blog entry posted in 'Teardowns', Jun 22, 2013.

Just a smallish post of my another kenwood scope, which i got recently. Basicly it's same as my other kenwood scope, but this one doesn't have any programming properties, but i don't miss them either. what is good about this, is that it has variable time/div for BOTH ch1/c2, or when in quad mode, ch1/ch3 and ch2/ch4, enabling to monitor two different frequencies. Also, single-shot is available, but lacking memory, it's pretty useless....Other good thing, is that this scope informs if any calibration pots are non-calibrated. I noted also, that when 20mhz bandwidth limit is pressed, image focuses slightly. Many trigger options, slope options and nice bonus, illuminated screen, like other kenwood has. Sadly, no on-screen info. Another minus about this device is opening it. The whole system must be pulled out, there are nothing to be pulled up, like hood or anything. But, there is one thing good about this, everything is seen when device is pulled out.

That's about it, thanks for your time :)

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  1. fezder
    helped fellow ee enthusiast, sold this one to him cheaply, 30 euros. included probe and power cord of course. hopefully it'ss serve him well, never used this one much myself
    fezder, Jan 27, 2015