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Q1:The frequency of a radio signal is 152.5Mhz, what is the approximate wavelength?

200 metres
20 metres
2 metres
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Q2: A 100Mhz sinewave is amplitude modulated (modulation depth is 50%) with a 15khz square wave. If we look at the resulting signal with a spectrum analyser, we will see individual components at:

100Mhz only
100Mhz and 15khz only
100Mhz, 100.015Mhz, 100.045, 100.075, 99.985, 99.955, 99.925 and some other frequencies
You cannot use AM at 100Mhz, only FM.
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Q3: A superheterodyne radio receiver, with an intemediate frequency of 450khz is tuned to receive a signal on 2200khz. It also receives an unwanted signal on 2.650Mhz. This problem is due to:

Mixer overload
Poor image rejection
Local oscillator drift
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Q4: The practical bandwidth required for a frequency modulated signal is given by the expression BW = 2 x (deviation + highest modulating frequency). This is known as:

Carsons Rule
Blondies Rule
Tucos Rule
The expression is wrong
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Q5: A 50Mhz radio transmitter is designed to output 10 watts of RF into a 50 ohm load. A single wire antenna 3metres long is connected directly to the antenna socket. The transmitter will:

Operate correctly
Transmit a stronger signal because the antenna is longer than required
Transmit a weaker signal because the antenna is shorter than required
Operate in an undefined manner
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Q6: An amplifier has a gain of 20dB, the input and output impedances are the same, What is the voltage gain of this amplifier:

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Q7: The Q of a coil refers to:

The number of turns
The resistance of the wire
The reactance
The ratio of resistance and reactance
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Q8: A 20Mhz tuned circuit has a Q of 100. The 3dB bandwidth will be:

Dont know, depends if it is series or parallel tuned
1 Mhz
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Q9: The range of a 200mW 450Mhz handheld radio is:

10km or more
Depends on the height of the radios at each end of the link.
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Q10: In order to correctly receive a single sideband suppressed carrier signal, a receiver must have:

Good sensitivity
A narrow IF filter
A Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO) or Carrier Insertion Oscillator (CIO)
A low distortion audio amplifier
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