Quiz V4.0 Computer History . 10 Questions.

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Q1: The original PC was designed for ?

Hewlett Packard
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Q2:Early PCs could have maximum memory of ?

32 kB
215 kB
640 kB
1 MB
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Q3: What does DSDD stand for in relation to floppy disks?

Digital Stored Data Device
Double Sided Data Device
Double Sided Double Density
Digital Secure Data Device
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Q4: What was the capacity of a 3.5� HD Floppy disk?

360 kB
720 kB
1.44 MB
5 MB
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Q5:What does VGA stand for?

Versatile Graphics Adapter
Video Graphics Array
Video Graphics Adapter
Versatile Graphics Array
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Q6: What resolution is standard VGA?

250 x 128
500 x 300
640 x 480
800 x 600
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Q7: The first Spreadsheet program was available on?

Commodore 64
Apple II
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Q8: The C programming Language was created by?

Dennis Ritchie
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
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Q9: The first BASIC language appeared in which year?

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Q10: How would (2*3)+(4*5) be written in Reverse Polish notation?

(2*3) + (4*5)
2 3 * 4 5 * +
2 3 * + 4 5 *
None of the above
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