Quiz V1.0 Common Engineering Abbreviations, 10 Questions

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Q1: What does the abbreviation LCD mean.?

Liquid Crystal Display
Low Current Device
Liquid Crystal Device
Liquid Cooling Design
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Q2: What does the abbreviation NTC mean.?

Negative Temperature Cooling
Negative Temperature Coefficient
Normal Tuning Coil
Near Tolerance Capacitor
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Q3: What does the abbreviation LED mean.?

Low Energy Device
Least Estimated Digit
Liqht Emitting Diode
Liquid Emitting Device
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Q4: What does the abbreviation VDR mean.?

Variable Dependent Resistor
Voltage Driven Relay
Virtual Direct Recorder
Voltage Dependent Resistor
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Q5: What does the abbreviation SCR mean.?

Silicon Controlled Resistor
Semiconductor Controlled Reaction
Silicon Controlled Rectifier
Slow Contact Relay
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Q6: What does the abbreviation RFC mean.?

Radio Frequency Capacitor
Radio Frequency Choke
Relay Faulty Contact
Response Frequency Counter
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Q7: What does the abbreviation MOV mean.?

Metal Oxide Variable
Mainly Over Voltage
Metal Oxide Varistor
Measure On Voltage
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Q8: What does the abbreviation RTD mean.?

Relay Terminal Direct
Resistance To Detect
Radio Terminal Data
Resistance Temperature Detector
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Q9: What does the abbreviation FET mean.?

Field Effect Transistor
Field Energy Transfer
Field Energy Transformer
Field Effect Transformer
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Q10: What does the abbreviation RAM mean.?

Remote Access Memory
Random Access Memory
Random Active Memory
Remote Amplifier Module
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