Quiz V10.0 Transistor/FET beginner questions..

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Q1: An NPN transistor has;

arrow pointing up
arrow pointing down
arrow pointing out from the centre
arrow pointing in towards the centre
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Q2: A bipolar transistor can be better than a FET because;

its smaller
it can handle more current
its 0.6v Vbe drop can be very useful
a bipolar transistor is never better than a FET!
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Q3: A FET can be better than a transistor because generally;

it can switch more current
it can switch faster
it will not get as hot for a given current
all of the above
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Q4: Which of these is NOT true;

a FET can be driven directly from a logic level IC pin
a bipolar NPN can be turned on well from a 1v signal
all transistors and FETs have 3 legs
a FET can be used to switch 600 volts
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Q5: Which is the correct pinout for a "typical" TO220 NPN transistor; (viewed from the front)

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Q6: A FET with high gate capacitance can be used for;

a 200kHz switch mode power supply
a 10kHz PWM motor driver
an RF amplifier
none of the above
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Q7: Driving a relay from a logic level pin, using a NPN transistor does NOT need;

a diode across the relay coil
a diode across the NPN transistor
a resistor in series with the NPN base
all of the above
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Q8: Driving a 12v 100mA relay using a typical 500mA small NPN transistor from a logic level pin, the base resistor should be;

nothing, it is not needed
150 ohm
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Q9: Driving a 12v 500mA relay using a typical TO220 10A power NFET from a logic level pin, you would NOT connect the FET pin;

Source to logic pin
Source to ground
Gate to logic pin
Drain to relay
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Q10: Driving a 12v 500mA relay using a typical TO220 10A power NFET from a logic level pin, and the logic level is HI (5v) you would expect the voltage on the FET Drain pin to be approximately;

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