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Q1: You need to add a fuse to a circuit that draws 10A at 110V.
Which of the following values is the best choice? ?

10A 350V
12A 110V
12A 350V
20A 350V
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Q2: A circuit that has a short will ?

Draw too much voltage
Draw too much current
Draw too little current
Draw too much voltage and current
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Q3: A voltage divider is most often used ?

As a regulator to power a circuit
As a method of increasing voltage
To scale down voltage
To limit current
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Q4: Which component will you find in a slot car power pack from 1968.?

Micro processor
Power transistor
Selenium rectifier
Silicon diode bridge
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Q5: An ADC can be improved by using.?

A better voltage reference
More bits
Over sampling
All the above
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Q6: Knob and tube is a type of?

Under garment
Residential wiring
FPGA cell
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Q7: A laser printer prints by?

Depositing ink
Melting plastic
Burning the paper
None of the above
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Q8: The basic mechanism used by a UART for transmitting?

Parallel in serial out shift register
Eight to one multiplexer
Level shifter
Serial in parallel out shift register
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Q9: Which of the followin is not a type of flip flop?

D type
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Q10: The 555 timer is?

Digital and analog
neither digital or analog
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