Regulated Power Supply, Full Wave Rectified 50/60Hz, C1 Smoothing Capacitor. V2 [25-Dec-13]

The [Blue] plot is the full wave rectified voltage.
The [Yellow] plot is the Regulator input voltage.[due to the action of the Smoothing cap C1].
The [Red] line is the minimum input voltage required by the regulator [Vdrop+Vreg].

If the Vcap [Yellow] plot falls below the [Red] line, the regulated output voltage will fail/drop.

Select Mains Frequency.
50Hz 60Hz

TXrms=Rated Voltage.

TX VA= 0 Minimum TX VA

Cap1 = uF.

Vreg = Drop Out Voltage.

Vout = Regulated Voltage.

Amps = Load Current.

Watts=0 Regulator Watts.

Placing the mouse pointer on the plots will show plot values.
Enter into the text boxes the parameters as specified in the components Datasheet
Fit a heatsink to the Regulator as required.
There is an assumed loss of two diode forward voltage drops.[2*0.7v] from the transformers secondary voltage due to the bridge rectifier diodes.

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