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Yenka CAD software Arithmetic Calulations in Flowcharts

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Hi, I was wondering whether somebody could help I am a student and am using the Yenka CAD software to program a PICAXE chip, I was wondering whether anybody knew how to perform arithmetic in a flowchart on a variable x such as division e.g. x / 58. Is this possible with this chip /software, or is there a way around it through programming BASIC and then downloading this code straight to the IC? Many Thanks


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I don't know anything about the Yenka CAD software.

The PICAXE chips can be programmed to divide, within the limits of integer arithmetic. If you are dividing by a fixed number, for instance 58, it may be better to multiply by 1130 (which is 65536/58) and then take the high word of the result as the answer.
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