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Yamaha YSP 600 soundbar issue

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I posted below on avforum, but as it’s a technical question, I didn’t get any response. Perhaps folks n this forum may have more of a ken. Thanks I’m advance.

Some background - my YSP 600 wouldn't switch on at all, and having found one of the few repairers left in London was told fixing it would cost £150, not worth it when YSP 600s are for sale for £60 on eBay.

However, some googling suggested that it was a faulty capacitor located at C515. This video guided me:

I bought the following replacement capacitor: EPCOS - B32652A7223J - CAPACITOR, 22NF, 1250V 5053606201789 | eBay

Having soldered it one way (my understanding was that it wasn't polarised) I found that the 600 still didn't switch on. I re-soldered it the other way and now it switches on for a second (so a very partial victory) before switching off again immediately. I've repeated this process numerous times and it keeps happening.

As such, may I please ask for some advice -

1. Did I damage the capacitor by connecting the wrong way round, and should I buy a new one and re-connect?

2. Or is another part damaged that is causing the 600 to switch off?

Many thanks.


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Thanks for updating. Very useful.

Any idea why it may be switching off? Wonder if the capacitor I bought isn’t of the right type?


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I don't think the capacitor is the issue, but troubleshooting switching power supplies is outside my area of expertise.


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i used to work on Yamaha sound bars... 90% chance it's the amp is shorted.
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