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Yamaha Vs Sherwood Amplifier

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Very new to all this and had a question. I have the Sherwood S-7450 CP Stereo Receiver and its a great product but noticed it was only roughly 40WPC ( if someone can confirm that, would be great) and recently got in contact with a Yamaha Av 80 Y ( supposedly 100Watt). Would someone who knows more about this confirm and tell me the difference between the two? should i just keep my Sherwood? My speakers are 60-100Watt.

Also, how much do these 2 cost nowadays? Thanks!!!!


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The very old Sherwood produces 45W per channel but you must login to see the details about frequencies and amount of distortion.
The very old Yamaha produces 100W per channel but again no details.
The difference in loudness between 45W and 100W is so small that you will not notice, since 10 times the power sounds twice as loud.

Kiss these antique receivers goodbye then bury them. I buried my old Yamaha when it became intermittent.

Nigel Goodwin

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No point in changing if your existing amp is working OK, as AG says the difference in power is negligible - and may be non-existent, as you don't have your location filled in we've no idea what country you might be in, so don't know what specifications might be given in.

There's also the fairly obvious question of how loud you play it :D

Unless you're rattling the windows and getting complaints from the neighbours (four doors away :p) either amplifier will only be running a a tiny percentage of it's capable output, so there will be no difference at all.
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