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Writing a framebuffered driver for ILI9230 LCD Controller

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I'm using STMF32F103VE to control an ILI9320 LCD Controller, the datasheet is here:http://www.gpegint.com/files/library/files/supportpdf/ILI9320.pdf

I have problems of copying the framebuffer memory to the LCD itself. I tried to plot some pixels but they have weird and incorrect placement on the screen, I tried a lot of debugging but it seems there is something that I can't see. I attached the following three calls that I'm using the super loop, and I'm also using the FSMC with the LCD.
#define fbWidth 160#define fbHeight 200
u16 frameBuffer[fbWidth*fbHeight];// 160*200*16bit

here are the functions that I used to write to the FB then copy to the LCD.

void LCD_ClearFB(){
u16 pixel;for( pixel =0; pixel< fbHeight*fbWidth; pixel++){


void LCD_Flip()// copy the Framebuffer to the LCD Gram{
LCD_WriteRegister(0x0050,0);// Horizontal GRAM Start Address
LCD_WriteRegister(0x0051, fbWidth);// Horizontal GRAM End Address
LCD_WriteRegister(0x0052,0);// Vertical GRAM Start Address
LCD_WriteRegister(0x0053, fbHeight);// Vertical GRAM Start Address

u16 pixel;for( pixel =0; pixel< fbHeight*fbWidth; pixel++){
u16 color = frameBuffer[pixel];
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