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Would like assistance with a counter.

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I am almost completely new to hardware engineering so I will need help from the ground up. Recently a purchase of a Radioshack Electronics kit has set my new passion ablaze.

The project that i wish to acomplish may be simple, but I am pretty sure I will have to program a microprocessor. All I want to do really Is make a Yugioh life point counter.

[8] [8] [8] [8] *
-*--*--*---* The 8s being led displays and the stars being buttons. the button to the side would reset the lifepoints and side counter to a value of 8000. The first three displays, when you press the corresponding buttons, should go down one number to zero, then loop back to nine. The fourth display should count up from zero to nine.

Yes its alot to read but any help will be apreciated.


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You need a PIC setup with an LCD display and 5 buttons.
Nigel has tutorials that can help you with the hardware and software.

After you can read the buttons and display text on the LCD see
the following site for examples on how to program hardware to make
it do what you want. I have not checked but hope that somewhere on that page is a link with source you can borrow from.

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