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wonky voltage gauge


I have a factory voltage gauge on a 2010 toyota tundra that is reading low just above 9 volts, in the middle sometimes and then pinned above twenty volts on some days.
The alternator and battery are fine.
Is there a resister or some other component that might cause this in the gauge itself?
I have found only two other people that have had this problem, one is living with it and the other replaced the gauge cluster.


Yes Mike; regardless of engine being on or off. Closer to 25 volts on the high side of the gauge.


I read that about another make of vehicle with that problem and searched for a stepper motor for my vehicle without results.
Would that be under the dash or within the gauge itself?
Is this what the needle is attached to?
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Its in the dash, the needle is attached to it,
You'll need to remove cluster from car, remove the clusters screen and case, remove all needles, then you can pull the face away to get at the little motor.
Its common failing item. Can't remember which one this unit uses but they are usually not hard to replace.


I have a 2005 Tacoma the tachometer quit working after some extreme cold. I found These. The tach has since sort of healed itself but sometimes reads a bit low or high no pattern. The vehicle is supposed to routinely go through a gauge zero set routine.


Thanks, I ordered a volt meter for the 12 volt socket just to monitor the voltage and if it doesn't correct itself over time I'll likely try and get at the gauge cluster and check the stepper motor.

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