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Wiring switch, battery, socket, amp board. 12v 7ah tda7492p aviation

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I included a picture of what I am working on. This is going to be an ammo can boombox.

1st question is:
How would I wire the aviation socket and battery to the 3 position switch then to the amp and other electronics? I want to be able to plug the charger in and charge the battery.

2nd question:
Would I use different wiring to be able to play my boombox when it's plugged in without affecting the battery or would it always be charging?

Would I use a different cord for that? One for power and one for charging? Or need a switch with more positions? One for charging and one for playing.

The charger has 2 cords positive and negative. Can I use a 2 pin aviation socket and solder them (+ to +) (- to -) inside and out.

The picture shows:
2 pin aviation socket
12v 7ah battery
3 position 6 pin switch
Tda7492p amp board

I will be including:
12v car charging
2 usb posts
Volt meter
12 computer fan
(Inside the ammo can)

I put a(+) b(-) c(+) d(-) e(+) f(-),

Would it be:
a/b to socket
c/d to battery
e/f to amp

I don't understand how the power will flow in to the battery and out the other way to give the amp power. Does the charging cable push electricity in one direction.

Sorry if my questions sound stupid. I have been looking all this up for the last few days and my questions only turn into more questions.

For example: I want to add a fuse inside. The battery has a constant output of 1.75a per cell. Does that mean I need to find out how many cells times 1.75 to figure out the constant. Or do they all work together putting out 1.75a. I looked up the battery datasheet and that just let to more questions.

5th question:
What size fuse would I need.

Is the fuse amp needed based off the battery power or the electronics the battery will be powering.

These are all the questions I have been asking myself over the last month. I appreciate any help. The 1st question is the most important.

This is my 1st forum and hope I have done this correctly. Thanks everyone.



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What does this have to do with aviation?


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Lookup aviation socket.
First time that I have heard that type of connector referred to as an aviation plug/socket.

They would not be in my choice of sockets to use in an aircraft.



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2nd question:
Would I use different wiring to be able to play my boombox when it's plugged in without affecting the battery or would it always be charging?
One approach is what sometimes is called an online UPS. The battery is always connected to the load (the amp), and the charger always is connected to the battery. For this to work, the charger has to make enough power to charge the battery and run the amp at the same time. During AC powered operation, the amp is powered by the battery but the battery is continuously replenished by the charger. When AC goes away, the amp still is powered by the battery, so there is no interruption in its power supply or operation. Since you already have a double pole switch, one side (A, C) switches External DC power to the charger circuit, and one side (B, D) switches battery DC power to the amplifier.



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You talk about a single 12V battery. But the datasheet of the TDA7294 shows that its minimum supply is 20V (or plus and minus 10V) when its output power is rather low.
The battery does not produce a constant output current. Its current is whatever is drawn by its load. The current used by the amplifier depends on the loudness of the music and could be fairly high or very low.
It sounds like you do not have a clue about how much current the charger should supply so either the battery will never charge when the music is playing loudly and the battery will boil when the music is not playing loudly.

EDIT: The TDA7492 produces fairly low output power. A graph in its datasheet does not show the output power when its supply is less than 15V, with your 12V battery it might be 7W per channel into 8 ohms.
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dr pepper

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Yes they were, maybe still are popular for headset connections, thats maybe why they have a screw on ring.
I know them as 'CB' conectors, as 4/5 pin ones are used on 11m rigs.
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