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wireless weather station

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Can somebody help me to do a project related to wireless weather station.
The requirements are simply described as follows.

Wireless remote measurement system that communicates at 433MHz.
The purpose of the system is to measure Temperature, Relative humidity, sound.
The range is 50 to 100 meters. 1 or 6 units per base station.

Use RF module to transmit and receive data.
Something like Nordic Semiconductor RF Chip nRF9E5, or nRF24L01 and pic18FXXX.

Power Supply:
Something that’s pretty small – about the size of a 9V battery

Data output:
low power LCD display to show the information of the weather

So i would like to obtain some advise from you all. ...would be welcomed.

Thanks for the help from you guys.


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Um....Ebay? $50 - $350 US currency.

You will never beat it in terms of manufactured cost or time involved.

Class project I assume?
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