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wireless transmission of serial data

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has anybody done wireless transmission of serial data. to be more
specific rs232 std from comp to a micro controller. it would be helpful
if u could gimme links to sites which deal with readymade products,
circuits info on these.
thanking u in advacne


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Your link goes to this same topic :p

I have done it some time for school,

We used a transmitter and resever that can send over TTL. Just look for it on the net where you can order it in you land. Then you need a MAX232 if I am not wrong to get a Volt level your processor can use. You need to hold in mind then you send data at a BAUD rate of 19200 not 102k. Because then will the tranmitter and recever expensif. And you have to send data all the time because if you don`t you will get your 0 going down,

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