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wireless on/off switch

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I know this is a simple circuit but I am in need of a little expertise on this one... I have an on/off footswitch and I wanting to make it wireless with as few parts and $$ as possible. It doesnt have more than about a ten foot range, but it has to be dependable. I think that I just need a transmitter on the footswitch and a receiver with a relay on the power supply to turn the power on and off, but I know very little about wireless or infrared. If anyone has any answers I would appreciate the help extremely.


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I really don't have time right now to post the schematic. But I can give you an idea how to build it yourself.

1) Construct a 38kHz astable oscilator using IC 7555 (CMOS variant of 555 timer IC)
2) Use the output of 7555 to drive series combination of 2 IR LEDs through a NPN transistor like BC547.
3) Use a tactile switch to turn on the power of the circuit when pressed. use 9V battery to power this circuit. This is your remote transmitter part.
4) On the receiver end use modulated IR receiver module TSOP1738 from Vishay Telefunken. It has 3 pins (Vdd,Gnd and O/p). Use the output to toggle a Flip/Flop built using decade counter IC 4017 (you can try other IC too but 4017 is more stable than others). The output of 4017 will drive a transistor which is connected to a relay.
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