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windshield wiper motor

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what is the normal torque that a windshield wiper motor provide?i couldnt found any info on the net after their product specification.
i have one windshield wiper motor from Denso but i do not know the torque and speed of the motr.
if anyone knows, plz tell me
thank u


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:D hi

are you trying to have a wiper motor do a different function other than its original function that you need to know the speed and torque? :shock:


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The wiper motor can do this. About twenty years ago i've built a lift for cloth-dryer grid for my wife. The drum diameter is 3cm, with 15kp load go up 2,5m until 10..12sec.

Nigel Goodwin

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electricano said:
yup.i use it to drive wheels,which totally weight of the car is about 10kg.
They are commonly used in small robots for that very purpose, usually fed from a PWM 24V supply (the extra voltage gives you a respectable speed and more power).
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