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Windows V/s Mac Os

Discussion in 'Computers and Networks' started by rjs9163, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. rjs9163

    rjs9163 New Member

    Jun 16, 2012
    Thane, Maharashtra, India
    Now here is the question for all you guys here:
    Which browser would you prefer to use and why???
    I use windows 7 OS and I am quite satisfied by its performance and I would also like to know the difference between using a Windows OS and a Mac:)
  2. atferrari

    atferrari Well-Known Member

    Oct 8, 2003
    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Browser or OS?
  3. DerStrom8

    DerStrom8 Super Moderator Most Helpful Member

    Aug 9, 2010
    Vermont (GMT-5:00)
    windows 7 and Mac are operating systems, not browsers. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox are examples of browsers.

    I am running 32-bit Windows 7, and I rather like it. I will be upgrading to 64-bit soon. In the past, I've used Mac OSX, and I absolutely hated it! Things were constantly going wrong, I hated the interface, and it was a piece of junk. I've learned that Mac is okay for people who don't want to make any modifications with their computer. PCs allow you to upgrade, make modifications, and do all sorts of special things, but Macs don't really let you do that. Yes, it's possible, but they make it a lot harder for you. If a computer takes over the world some day, it'll be the offspring of a Macintosh, since you can't really control it.
  4. dave

    Dave New Member

    Jan 12, 1997

  5. rjs9163

    rjs9163 New Member

    Jun 16, 2012
    Thane, Maharashtra, India

    solar led lights

    It was not intentional but yeah if you understood the main part what I meant to say was then its ok. I done a mistake while writing the thread so I will say:
    Its not Browser, Its OS Fine!:)
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    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 9, 2012
  6. safiajen0055

    safiajen0055 New Member

    Aug 2, 2012
    Recently I have Updated Window 7 in mine PC but before I was using XP for running programs.Now I like to have the new OS that is Window 7 and I think This is really a great and fast running OS ever...If You want to gt difference between Windows and MAC Then I would like to differentiate them by following:-

    1>COMMAND KEY:-In Windows We Use Shortcut keys for some programs like Cut, Copy and Paste whereas in Mac But Mac has kept the Ctrl/shortcut keys to its default usage.

    2>Maximize vs size to content:-In windows we can maximize and minimize and close the window while we work but Mac OS X behave differently for its “maximize button".
  7. KG4MXV

    KG4MXV Member

    May 9, 2012
    When I started to use personal computers I hated clones. If it wasn't made by IBM it was trash to me.
    Then in 1988 I got a job at a nuclear plant in SC, and I was in the communications group,
    I had my own office, an single wide trailer all to my self , well 2/3 of it was parts storage.
    I have a nice IBM ATX box and loved it.
    Then they took it away and gave me a brand new mac plus.
    I was pissed but this was the best job I have had in my life time.
    So I called my friend in the electrical engineering shop and had all the repair manuals sent to me.
    I quickly fell in love with it. it was so simple to work with.
    I didn't have to worry about it. it just worked.
    Now today I will say.
    Use what you are comfortable with.
    If you are constantly upgrading and tinkering and don't mind figuring out driver compatibility and
    an mirad of other things to keep a windows OS working.
    Use windows.

    if you just want a box that works with just about every consumer peripheral and has true plug and play
    and not worry about it then get a mac.
    But for the experimenter and interfacing with obscure interfaces and niche market protocols then the PC might be the better choice.

    But if you are savvy enough you can set up a multi boot or virtual machine of just about any OS you want on both platforms.
    at all boils down to what do you want. it is a personal choice.

    For me it will always be a mac.
    and since I have switched all my family and friends over to mac they love it and I don't have to spend
    hardly any time fixing their computers now as when they had windows.
    Now most problems that can fix by them selves and they hardly call me for help unless it is something
    hardware related.
    and as far as customer service I will always choose apple.
    I bought a used mac book and a week later the logic board crapped out.
    I called apple for a repair price and they asked for the serial number
    I told them I bought it used and they said that it didn't matter.
    I gave them the number and the analyst said that this unit was covered
    by an extended service program (not apple care) there was a known problem
    and the repair would be free!!!!
    I was in a motel on a job that was going to be a few weeks long so I gave them the motels address.
    This was at noon when I called the next morning there was a box waiting for me at the front desk,
    it had return instruction book and packing tape and return label.
    I packaged it up and called fed ex for a pick up and it was picked up by 1pm that day.
    one day later it was back, it looked like they gave me a new mac. but when I opened
    it up it had the same small scratch on the lcd. All my data was there and it had a brand new battery.
    and I didn't have to pay one red cent.
    After that I will never buy anything but apple from now on.
    Even the older dual G5 towers are a work of art and so easy to work on.
    Yes apple equipment is a little bit more expensive but you get what you pay for.
    I still have a apple power mac 7500av running in an equipment closet for the last 13 years
    with no problems, Now it's job is really easy it only has to digitize a singe frame of ntsc video and ftp
    it to a www site every 30 seconds.
    it doesn't have a hard drive it is running on a cdrom. and it reboots it self every week. and it is on a UPS.
    every year I open it up and dust it out just like any other pice of equipment.
    A friend of mine has another one just like mine but it lives in a nema 3 enclosure at the 2000f level of a tv tower
    doing the same thing a web cam FTP server.

    Again I will say use what you are comfortable with.

    There is noting better than what you are comfortable using.

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