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Wind power generator project


banggood electronics
Hello everyone,

I'm interested in doing a project which uses renewable energy. Basically i want to use Wind power to Charge up a battery, which then, i can use for my computer during the evenings for instance. Has anybody here tried generating energy from wind? is it possible? Where could i get a decent generator and blade from ?because here winter wind always blows hard;)

Any general information will be greatly appreciated.



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There is a "sticky" post in this section on Wind Generators. Somewhat old and incomplete, but a start.

As it is, I'm working on a wind collection system as we speak. I should add that it's a very low power rig (<1W). Even still, a difficult task.

Best to determine what power type (AC or DC) you'll need/want first. Then how much juice (Volts, Amps [power]). Everything else will be predicated on these decisions.

Then decide what you'll want for the wind collection, i.e., blades (like a fan or propeller, which often require a "director", or vane to aim the blades into the wind), or Savonius and their hybrides (which are omni-directional), etc..

Then your generator, such as AC (an alternator is a reasonable choice, [which needs excitation don't forget]), or DC motor (brushed or brushless) then any AC/DC, DC/DC or DC/AC, etc. conversion and regulation equipment.

And finally storage, for those times when it ain't blowing (optional).

From experience I'd suggest, for your first effort, a small wind collection test rig that would power, say, a 12VDC automotive lightbulb. I think you'll learn a great deal from the effort (especially the wind collection part). Once successful, you can scale the system to your original concept.

Of course, there is beaucoup info on Goggle (almost too much, really).
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I think a good number of people here have worked with wind power in one size shape or form.

As far as what you want all depends on if you are looking for a do it yourself hands on or a pre made unit?

After that you will need to figure out how much power you are expecting to need on a regular basis and compare that against your available winds.

Wind power is fun educational and unfortunately at times a hair pulling tool throwing frustration and seemingly endless investment of time effort and money for what often looks like a no end no return experiment. :rolleyes::p

If you can get past that part it's well worth the experience! :D

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