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wind generator!!


i have bought a dc motor 12 v. but the problem is that when i use the hair dryer to rotate the fan it only generated a max of 3 v!!! is there any ways:confused: to increase the output. i will give the schematic of a simple wind generator in m next post.

and what is the price of a solar cell which one can use to charge 1.5v batteries.


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Get a 12v motor that is designed to run at a lower RPM or use a 24V motor.


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Or one with a separately exicted field, like a car alternator. For that matter, just use a car alternator.


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yea I got me a car alternator but I'm not sure how to connect it up how can I find out ? I was thinking of making it a wond job too


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You will only get usable energy with a biggish rotor. A 1M diameter windmill will generate around 100W. A ½M around 25W, ¼M around 6W. These are all in a good wind and with a well designed windmill.



alternators will require a bridge circuit and the output voltage will be high. i do have some hair dryer motors availible but i try to avoid ac power(specially 220v!!!)

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