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Why am I getting no power?

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Press the start button and nothing happens - no lights, no nothing.

Prior to this, it was working fine.

Samsung front load wf0500nce.

This is what i've done so far...

Using a multimeter, i checked...
  1. Socket
  2. Plug fuse
  3. Power at the plug cable connector (which connects to the noise filter)
  4. Power by back-probing the other connector of the wire that goes to the washer at the noise filter.
What else can i do to find out where the problem is?



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Do you hear relay RY3 click when you apply mains power?


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? door lock
?? any fusible (low name value 10-s of Ω-s) resistors at power paths (thinking about prev. - then it must be) also all power cables/connectors and their PCB welds and PCB traces nearby . . . . . . . . well . . . . . . that only if there is no ohmic connection from near end to the far end of a particular "power ""rail"" mixed set of (line,cable,trace)"
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This is a really long shot and relays to a drama with a different machine. Wouldnt come on and no lights, had board after board exchange (under warranty), no luck. very long story short turned out to be the load sensor in the drum was faulty. Chances this is your issue are slim, however i mention it because with these things everything is kind of connected.

Check everything for continuity like door switches etc (power off).
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