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Which FET to use with an LED driver

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Hi All,

Please would someone advise me as to which device would best suit the below application.

I am programming a PIC to drive a Texas Instruments TCL5947 (PWM 12-Bit 24 channel LED driver) via SPI.

I would like to hook up High-Bright LED's (5w) to each channel. The issue I face is that the TLC5947 drives the output low (0v - sink)

Am I able to use a PNP FET to switch my HB-LED's on from the TLC's sink outputs? Out of curiosity, if the TLC drives the outputs low (sink) what does it do when off? Are the outputs high or do they float?



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you can use a p channel mosfet to drive yr leds(or a pnp transistor ...)post the schematic so we can see whats going on...the op will probably go hi it wouldnt b allowed to float because that would give uneliable operation
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