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Where to get a project?

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Can anybody help me, where to get a project for developement?...
I (and several other members of small electronics team, www.electronicsdesigns.net), have good electronics skills (microcontrollers, Analog/digital circuits, embedded programming and so on).

But we don't have any relation with customers.
Could anybody post a link, where electronics projects "resides"? Or maybe somebody has a task, and does not have engineers for that?

Would be glad to get any information.


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There is a place on a forum where people post projects that need to be completed that they are willing to pay for. I think this might be a banned link, I can't quite remember, but there's only one way to find out: try here.
edit: yep, this is the one that was blocked

Just a few suggestions, you could also try contacting businesses taht may be in need of your services at some time to let them know that you exist. Try to get to know the people who decide who to hire to do the work you are looking for. If you do get any contracts, with the customers permission, post what details you can on your webpage to let others know what your finished products look like.

Just an idea, if you're familiar with computer "modding," you could look up some online mod shops and offer to produces something for them. Say, a rotating hard drive activity indicator. There's a lot of projects like that which have been done independently, and there's a chance people would be willing to pay for a kit to do this on their computer. I'm not very up to date with the modding scene, but X oxide is one modding shop you might contact.
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