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what's the problem with my Laptop Battery?

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Sorry if this is the noobiest question alive or even in the wrong place, since I don't often come to the hardware side of things.

Last night my laptop shut itself off unexpectedly. When I turned it back on it said it was running on the battery, even though it was plugged into the AC Adapter.

I checked the adapter and it was plugged in, I checked the plug and it was fine and had electricity running into it. I checked the connections and every thing seemed as normal. The only thing off was the box part of the adapter was REALLY hot. Like enough that it concerned me.

Now my question is this - is this a problem with the AC Adapter burning out (do they even do that? It has seen better days...) or is it time to get a new battery for the laptop? Seems like if it were the battery it should still register my AC Adapter being plugged in, so I am leaning towards it being the Adapter going kablooie, but I wanted to check before sinking money into something it may not be.

Any help would be appreciated!


Anything can burn out. Do you have a multimeter you can use to test it? It's pretty simple to see if it at least has a voltage. Try the AC adapter with the battery removed as well, not sure if that'll tell you anything though. If you still get a voltage on the AC adapter the regulator inside the laptop might have burnt out. Not really practical to repair in general. But since the laptop is effectly a paperweight without it might not hurt to open it up and see if it's something obvious like a blown cap where there's a slim chance you could repair it, or if you're REALLY lucky the power module will be seperate from the main laptop motherboard so you could replace it, but I wouldn't bet on it.

One other obvious thing, are you sure that a fuse/breaker didn't trip? Just try a lamp on the outlet you have the laptop plugged into, it's always good to rule out the simple things first.
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