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Whats better: 9v or six AA batteries?


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I am just wondering what is better with the factors of:
Fresh voltage rating
MA rating
Worktime (how long it lasts)
9V lasts me a long time and I do a lot of experimenting, even when I make a mistake and don't realize I connected 9V to 0V without any resistance. It takes a lot of life from it I'm sure but they do last a while even when they are drained pretty low. When they get real low I put em in series for that extra life.


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As with any component or technology, it is best to learn how to find and read the engineering data for the item so that you can answer your own questions. For batteries, one must go to the manufacturer's website and find the "technical information" or "engineering data" or "industrial" link to finally get to actual battery specifications. At that point, just read the specifications for the two battery types and it will be obvious which is better.

here is an example site:

here is another:
A 9 volt battery is nothing more than 6 AAAA sized cells. Obviously 6 AA sized cells is going to win in every catagory, excluding fresh voltage, which is going to be the same for both, but last longer for the AA pack.
a question arises

now if we analyse a series of batteries and compare them with an adopter which is giving 9 volts of output what would u expect
which one is better

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salman007 said:
now if we analyse a series of batteries and compare them with an adopter which is giving 9 volts of output what would u expect
which one is better
In what way? - it's like asking which is better, a car or a boat - there's no real point of comparison.


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A 9V AC adapter's voltage stays the same as it powers something.
Look at the voltage curves of battery cells on a battery manufacturer's site to see the voltage dropping over time when they power something.
It depends on the size of your 9V battery.

A 9V transistor radio battery has a higher capacity than 6 AA cells but 6 AA cells have a higher capacity and a small 9V batter used in a smoke alarm.


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Six AA alkaline battery cells will power something 4.5 times longer than a 9V alkaline battery for only 3 times its weight. They cost about the same.
Which is better for you?
Pretty much the only thing 9 volt batteries (the common kind) are good for is smoke alarms and desktop clock backup. Sure they make quick and dirty portable power supplies for hobby circuits but they should only be used for testing.

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