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What should buy to start my electronics work bench for synths and effects?

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Hey everyone. I've been trying to get into building my own synths and effect boxes. So far I've just been looking at simple schematics and buying the parts for those.

I think it'd be a lot simpler just to have a nice selection of common parts that I could use to build something on the spot without having to go the store.

I'm just wondering if you guys have any suggestions of what I should buy to have this nice selection. Is there somewhere I can buy a package of resistors, capacitors, and other parts that I'll most likely use at some point? Give me some suggestions of what I should get if possible.

Thanks for any help.


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If you want to get into special effects with music, I suggest you study up on microprocessors and DSP's. Anything short of that is real old technology and is very complicated, much more so than learning a micro.
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