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what is your idea about this ????

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Hello dears
i don't need to advertise for any companies but 1 week ago see this device in the market: dino-lite
this is electronic microscope for making SMD circuits and you can see 92x zoom with this camera.
what is your idea about this device?


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For $80 or less you can get a digital blue scope that does 200X 80X and 10X. Older models do not work on Vista.
There are some linux drives out there someplace. They are marketed as toys but work for SMD viewing.



I looked up the price... For the 92X magnification you quoted the cheapest one I can find is around 600 dollars. I would shoot myself in the foot on purpose before spending that much money on something you could get as good or better for cheaper.

You can buy a stereo microscope off e-bay with roughly comparable specs for around 200 dollars. If you need a digital picture of it put your camera up to the objective lense. I'd be inclined to give the'toy' 3v0 linked a shot though for the price. There was another one I've seen it's ball that hooks up to a TV that does the same thing, can't remember the name of it.
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we use the digital blue scope regularly in our lab to study PCB soldering quality, track shorts etc.


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I used the Digital Blue QX-3 looking at circuits, identifying parts and even for searching pond water sample for signs of intelligent life. :D Worked very well within its limits. There are several reasonably priced units on EBay right now.:)
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