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What is the best 3D model software for making 3D models of inventions

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I want to make 3D models of my invention ideas. I want to do this because it would be better than drawings. So does anybody know of a free 3D easy to use software for MAC or PC ?
- rocket :D


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i use Rhino3D, it's not free but you get 30 saves in the trial version, which would give you plenty of time to practice
but you wouldn't be able to use it immediatly, you need to do some tutorials first before you get the hang of it
this software is mainly used for pre-production purposes thus it gives you a great deal of precision


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My vote is for SKETCHUP

Have used it a lot but still amazed at what some people can draw with it.
Learning curve is not real steep but you need to work at it.
The book that is available for sketchup is very informative.


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I want something that is easy to just throw stuff on. So it would be easier to make 3D models of my ideas.
the most basic that i know of is anim8or ( Anim8or Free 3D Animation Software )
it allows to draw very basic shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder...) and you can then modify them by moving or adding vertices
it gives you the bear bones of a 3d modeller and animator
the help file makes it really easy to start, this was my first 3d program
plus, it's free and the executable is samller than 1 meg :D
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