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what does which component do?

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im new to the world of electronics and im pretty much building some circuits according to the schematic i find online. but i want to build some thing myself so can someone recommend a good book or some link online or on this forum that explains what does which component do. thanks a lot :)


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Building circuits using a computer simulator can save a lot time when you're first learning. You should try out LTspice, it helped me get started. It's a free circuit simulation program that will let you try out different components like resistors, capacitors and inductors with some simple voltage sources and switches without blowing anything up. It also has many more advanced features, but you don't have to use them when you're starting.

Check out the LTspice manual:

and download the program here:
Linear Technology - LTspice IV Downloads and Updates


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Yes, LTSpice is an amazing free piece of software. It lets you screw around with kinds of components without you having to buy them and blow them up yourself.

Get it and start building circuits. Then change component values and see how it affects the output.

Just don't take any SPICE engine as truth. It is still a simulation, and not the real thing. But it gets most things close enough to learn the theory behind them.


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Protel CircuitMaker 2000 is now available free.
Used it a while, seems like a good circuit simulator and pcb layout (they call it traxmaker). I used the retail version, before it was free.
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