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What component I should use?

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Hi All,

Which PIC microcontroller is suitable use for deferrentiate a few types of sound level (dB)? Beside microphone used for detect/ receive a analog signal, and what other component I should use? I intending to design an device that will produce a different pattern of vibration and blinking of LED light, base on few types of sound level from environment. Thanks!


if you want signal processing in uC .. dsPIC is the proper solution .. but I'm not sure what you actually ask .. if you use some op's to get the sound level then any pic with 2 adc's (and almost all of them have 2 adc's or more) will do ..

if you are trying to do what I think you are trying to do .. you will need to amplify the input from the mic in order to get the sound level and then to feed that amplified signal to a pic's adc .. read the level from pic and execute appropriate code .. fairly simple .. search the forum, you will find many ADC examples (how to read from ADC) and you will find a lot of examples how to amplify signal from mic .... then try to draw what you think will work and we will help you further ..
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