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What Chipset ?

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Hi, Guys.
Can any of you smart knowledgeable chaps
tell me what chipset is on this motherboard ?

Computer: TIME STORM G4 6126 000175181/002

Motherboard: MSI Micro-Star 8366-8233

Maximum Memory : 2GB (2slots)

Memory Type : 184-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DIMM

Installed: Hynix module PC 2100U - 25300 184 pin
HYMD 232 266 MHz 256 MB DDR

I am looking to upgrade the RAM for a friend but need to be sure of compatibility. Thanks.


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just go onto the manufacturers website and search for the motherboards manual it should be available as a pdf download, all manufacturers keep these on line for some years after the board was made


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blueroom, the answer is in my post:-
Installed: Hynix module PC 2100U - 25300 184 pin
HYMD 232 266 MHz 256 MB DDR

thunderchild, I have so far been unsuccessful in
searching for info on Time Computers. I am aware
that this Co. went bust a few years ago and were
taken over by whomever? I have no idea who is now
providing after sales service for TIME (TINY) PCs.

The point is: the motherboard was mfd by MSI Microstar
and I just would like to know What Chipset was onboard.
The motherboard ID is: MSI Micro-Star 8366-8233, in
a TIME "STORM" G4 6126 desktop PC.

I have found from various sources, recommended RAM
upgrade modules but there appears to be a chipset
compatibility issue for this motherboard.This is the reason
for my brainpicking and hoped that a Tech or same comp
user will have the info.

Thanks to both of you for your interest...............blanco.


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you don't get it do you, it has nothing to do with who made the computer and little to do with who made the chipset the motherboard manual has all the information you want and is the place most of us look to. so go onto the website of MSI and find your motherboard !


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I suspect it's a rebadged MS6382 MSI Mainboard. If I'm correct it uses the Via VT8233A chipset. Pretty much any PC2100 DDR DIMM will work fine with it, supporting a maximum of 2GB. It was a hybrid board that could use either PC100/33 and PC1600/2100 Ram.

Of course...I could be mistaken :)

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thunderchild, I have searched extensively both
MSI and MICROSTAR and can find no mention of
this motherboard. I do know that it has a KT 266
chipset but the 1GB RAM upgrade on offer to me
is said to be compatible with VIA KT266 but not
with ASUS KT266, which is why I needed more info.
I am not in possession of the PC so am unable to
look inside.
Anyhow, the whole thing is doing my head in so I
think I'll hit the hay and sleep on it.

tunedwolf, thanks for your reply.
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