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Weather Band Alert Tone

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Hi Guys,

Ok, I got my VCO reasonably stable for my application. As I mentioned in my last thread, I will be using the VCO as an RF modulator to inject a 1.050 KHz tone into a weather band receiver for alignment purposes I will be building in the future. The idea is to get the receiver's squelch gate to latch open when a 12dB SINAD level, modulated with a 1.050 KHz tone is received. It seems anyway that I can modulate the VCO with the 1.050 KHz tone. I can hear it on the store bought receiver ok or at least the modulation level seems high enough. Also, the carrier strength is defenatlely strong enough. The receiver however does not activate when I send a modulated carrier to it. The receiver by the way is a GMRS handheld (2 way radio) with weather alert. If the weather alert mode is active (weather band in standby) the GMRS band is will be active until the 1.050 KHz tone is received. When the tone is reveived the radio switches from the GMRS band to the weather band.

Does anyone know why the weather band on this type of receiver does not activate when I send the 1.050 KHz modulated carrier to the receiver?

Is the GMRS and weather band combination radio circuitry different in some way than an ordinary weather band receiver?


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