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Wanted axial electrolytic caps. 75uf 25v

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Looking for some 25v 75uf axial leaded 85c mallory capacitors

I have searched everywhere with no luck. Looking to buy as many as possible.

Any help would be greatly recieved


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Hey cheers shortbus

The reason I wanted mallory ones is the external dimensions
Vishay are 8.5 MM X 12mm
The mallory ones are slim and long
5mm X 21mm


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You may have to look for them in one of the obsolete electronic component stores to find them. The only caps I saw still using the Mallory name were electric motor start and run caps. Good hunting!


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Unless you absolutely have to have the original capacitor, when it comes to electrolytics, it is not wise to look in the obsolete market---simply because of the shelf life.
Due to advances in manufacturing, most of the odd nomenclature values are either discontinued or have special orders with high minimums.
ie; the same 100mf capacitor of few years ago is available in much smaller package.
You have better luck to go with the next common higher value (100mf) with the same voltage rating which will be perfectly suitable.
As an example, capacitor part number MAL202136101E3 (6x10mm) would be a much better replacement in your application.
Digikey part#4032PHCT-ND
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