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wanna know more about digital audio broadcasting

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Nigel Goodwin

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uncle_sam said:
does any one know or have schematic diagram or circuit diagram about the digital audio broadcasting , coz that is my final year project if not then i think that i couldnt go to my graduation day.
As far as I'm aware they use extremely large custom IC's?, but you don't even mention what country you are in (how about filling your details in properly!), and different countries use different systems.

My only experience is in the UK, the DAB system here has only very limited coverage, and it's quality is lower than that of analogue FM broadcasting (due to the low bitrate used). It's pretty much a 'dead duck' at the moment - if you want a portable or mobile radio, use an FM one, for a home system use a satellite TV receiver - the digital radio on satellite uses a far higher bitrate and is much better quality than DAB (and has VASTLY better coverage!).
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