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Voltage Gain

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I'm looking for something that can accept 0-6V and gives it a 6V gain, such as 2V becomes 8V. If anyone could help me with this i would appreciate it.


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You need a 2 input adder circuit. One input of this adder is your 0-6V (Vin) and other input is 6V DC. The output will be Vin + 6V. See the attached ciruit.

Set the supply to +15V for proper operation at 6V or slightly greater input. In that case you need to adjust the potential divider to get exact 6V reference at the point shown in figure.



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Voltage Shift

This isn't gain - what you are requesting is simply a DC shift.
Depending on what you want to connect to this may be all you require ...



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With the values shown in kinjalgp's schematic (above), the output will actually be 1.2*Vin+4.8, when what we want is 1.0*Vin+6. You need to change the resistor which goes between the 6 volt divider and pin 3 to 5k in order to get the correct transfer function.
You will not be able to measure 6v on the voltage divider unless Vin is disconnected. This circuit also puts a 20k load on Vin, which may or may not be acceptable.
You can eliminate one resistor by replacing the 5k resistor mentioned above with a short circuit (zero ohms) and making the two resistors in the 6 volt divider equal 20k each, as below.



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